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Fixed Plant Lubrication Systems Solutions

Automatic lubrication systems can assist greatly in increasing plant reliability and reducing the amount of labour tied up in routine maintenance.

At one Queensland coal mine Alemlube was asked to design automatic greasing systems which would ensure that all conveyor grease points were automatically greased and that the labyrinths were kept topped up several times a day.

Lubrication Solutions

It was thought that bearing life could be greatly improved and that maintenance resources could then be redirected to other pressing tasks. Additionally, the automatic greasing system was to be completely remotely monitored and be able to detect blocked bearings and stiff bearings – thus providing early warning of problem bearings and allowing corrective action on or before the next shutdown occurred.

The systems were designed using progressive dividers which are the only way to accurately monitor lubricant volumes to large numbers of grease points.

All drives, drive pulleys, bend pulleys and GTUs are connected to the systems. In addition, counterweight pulleys and winches are also included. 20kg pneumatic drum pumps were chosen to fit in with maintenance operations. Drums are renewed easily by hand as required.