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Diesel nozzles


Alemlube EL Series Automatic Fuel Nozzle

Product Code: F20030

• Compact, lightweight and easy to use
• Flow rates of up to 70L/min
• Minimum pressure loss facilitates maximum flow rates
• Supplied complete with an integral swivel
• Can be locked in the on position
• Suitable for applications involving a pump only
• F20030U also available for use with unleaded fuel


Auto Shut Off Diesel Nozzle 60LPM

Product Code: 51037

• Auto shutoff Nozzle for petrol with slimline spout to suit ULP tank inlets
• Up to 60LPM
• Complete with 1" BSPF swivel
• Unleaded Petrol model: 51137
• Weight: 1.25kg
• Not suitable for gravity feed
• 1" BSP brass hose tail available separately


Automatic Diesel Fuel Nozzle with Digital Meter

Product Code: 51037M

• Automatically shuts off on back pressure
• Digital meter with 5-digit current dispensed total - resettable
• Digital meter with 7-digit cumulative total - non resettable
• Flow rates of up to 60 L/min
• Units of measure: litres, gallons, pints, and quarts
• Operating pressure of 50psi (3.5 bar)
• Operating temperature range: -10 C to 60 C
• 1" BSP swivel inlet & 19mm (3/4") outlet spout
• Digital meter powered by 2 x AAA batteries & accurate to 1%
• Weight of 1.3kg


EL Series Manual Diesel Fuel Nozzle


Product Code: F20040

• Strong aluminium construction
• Flow rates of up to 80L/min
• Hammer-free valve facilitates efficient fuel delivery
• Equipped with an integrated swivel connector
• Suitable for use with any fuel transfer system even gravity applications
• Features include lever protection and a removable trigger lock


Nozzle - Auto Shut-off, 280LPM

Product Code: 52039

High flow auto shutoff nozzle for leaded fuel or diesel fuel
Rated up to 280LPM
Ideal for refuelling trucks and other large vehicles
Complete with 1-1/2" BSPTF swivel
Outlet: 38mm.
Not suitable for gravity feed


Nozzle - Manual Shut-off, 150LPM

Product Code: 52007

New model aluminium body encased in an anti-shock plastic shell for longer life & easy use even at low temperatures
Flow rate: up to 150LPM
Complete with 1" BSPF swivel
Ideal for unleaded fuel, diesel & oil
Maximum operating pressure: 145psi
Suitable for gravity feed from fuel tank, etc
Weight: 0.6kg


Nozzle - Manual Shut-off, 230LPM, 1-1/2"

Product Code: 51009N

High flow "Truck" nozzle for diesel or leaded fuel
Flow rates up to 230LPM
1-1/2" inlet & outlet
Suitable for gravity feed from fuel tank, etc
Maximum pressure: 3Kg/cm2
Made from aluminium